Test optional universities and colleges

Some universities and colleges are not looking at the SAT or ACT scores as they were a few years ago. Now, they are seeing them not to admit students, but to place them in classes their Freshmen year.

What do you think of this?

List of test optional universities and colleges


Did you know?

After seeing these videos….

How do you use technology?

Do you own a Facebook accout? Which other social media sites do you use?

How many hours a day do you use the Internet?

Do you use You Tube? Have you posted videos in You Tube?

Do you use emails frequently?

Do you own a cell phone? How many text messages do you send per day?

How is technology impacting you life?

University of Puerto Rico – Online application

Any student wishing to apply for admissions at the University of Puerto Rico must do so online before December 15, 2011


Website: www.upr.edu

Remember that you can only apply one to the University of Puerto Rico, although you have three choices with one application. make sure that your first choice i what you would like to study and the next two are areas that your IGS allows you to get accepted.

If you have any questions, please visit your college counselor.



This is a cool website where you create word clouds. It is useful to explore topics in diferent classes. For now lets try it using your name and words that describe you.


Steve Jobs: Stanford commencement speech (2005)

After viewing this video comment on it.

1. What impressed you the most?

2. Did you know all of  this about Steve Jobs?

Remember your posts have to reflect respect!

Glogster: Careers Project

Glogster a creative way of making projects!!!

Remember to create yours at www.glogster.com

Students if you have any questions, please feel fre to contact me for help.

The future of jobs and careers…

Students today are in school studying in 19th century classrooms, but with a lot 21st Century tools around them. Are we educating them to explore all of their potential? Are we preparing them for the jobs they will have in the future?
How can we help the students gain more knowledge about the skills they need to master to succeed in the informatic era?

Educational video about major trends in the future of work. oDesk – Changing How the World Works. http://www.odesk.com. Presentation design by: Apollo Ideas, Audio by: Adam Block

The most popular career paths…

Source: Colorado Technical University

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